As-A-Service: Turn your product based business into a subscription model

Today’s consumers and businesses want to use instead of own. This shift in mindset from ownership to usership is a crucial turning point towards a service-based economy.

Do product-based businesses still have a place in this new reality? The answer is a resounding YES!

By applying the subscription best practices to existing products, you will create new business models: Service-based business models ready to unleash infinite potential for growth and open the door to the circular economy.

Take As-A-Service from a buzzword to a business reality and beyond!

"I appreciate the way this topic is taken, mixing real life stories and concrete tips. I consider contacting the author to make the As-A-Service journey start for my business." - John

"Yann dives into all the topics surrounding As-A-Service that are paramount to making it successful. Thought-provoking, informative and motivating (both in a business and personal sense!)" - Lisa

"All you need to know before starting your As-A-Service Journey ! Easy to read with insightful content !" - Sophie

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