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The subscription economy is transforming the business world

As individuals, we have subscriptions for accessing the news, watching movies or going to the gym. Some businesses have started to use this recurring revenue model with physical products and are enjoying enormous success.

However, the shift to Product-As-A-Service is complex and requires strong expertise. You can do it yourself or ask for external support.

Black Winch is the world’s exclusive authority in Product-As-A-Service solutions.

We strive to re-think business models around servitization and circularity to help organizations stay tuned to market changes. We are advocating a shift from ownership to usership and are on an intrepid endeavor to make this new world a reality.

Our resourceful teams will take you through our unique, game-changing and holistic methodology to build or optimize your own Product-As-A-Service solution, making your business more profitable, user-centric and sustainable.

By partnering with Black Winch, you’ll get bold strategies, tangible recommendations and early successes. Let’s make your business future ready!


Implementing As-A-Service impacts all of your departments.
What you do within one department affects others, because everything is interconnected. That’s why we created the As-A-Service infinite loop.

THE 3 10 50 MODEL

We designed the 3-10-50 model to guide you through your As-A-Service journey.

As your servitization business grows, you'll need to adapt your approach based on your annual recurring revenue. There are 4 volume-based milestones:


For each volume milestone, we will build a robust action plan across all aspects of your business (sales, marketing, funding etc.) to ensure all initiatives are coordinated. As your recurring business continues to grow, we will support you in reaching the next level.

Let's take your funding strategy as an example, which should evolve as your annual recurring contract value increases:

Seedling Sphere €0 – 3M: Use your own funds
Velocity Valley €3M – 10M: Adopt a single funder strategy
Empire Escalation €10M – 50M: Implement a multi-funder strategy
Zenith Zone €50M+: Establish your own captive fund

A similar tiered approach is necessary for all other components.


Coordinate initiatives

Ensure you have a coordinated approach with
each component well aligned.


Help you navigate the As-A-Service journey
with a clear vision and anticipe what lieds ahead.

Pinpoint discrepancies

Take corrective actions to realign and get
back on track.

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