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The subscription economy is transforming the business world

As individuals, we have subscriptions for accessing the news, watching movies or going to the gym. Some businesses have started to use this recurring revenue model with physical products and are enjoying enormous success.

However, the shift to Product-As-A-Service is complex and requires strong expertise. You can do it yourself or ask for external support.

Black Winch is the world’s exclusive authority in Product-As-A-Service solutions.

We strive to re-think business models around servitisation and circularity to help organisations stay tuned to market changes. We are advocating a shift from ownership to usership and are on an intrepid endeavor to make this new world a reality.

Our resourceful teams will take you through our unique, game-changing and holistic methodology to build or optimize your own Product-As-A-Service solution, making your business more profitable, user-centric and sustainable.

By partnering with Black Winch, you’ll get bold strategies, tangible recommendations and early successes. Let’s make your business future ready!

8-step methodology

Our Methodology, Your Success

Tangible, scalable and experience-based As-A-Service methodology in 8 steps


Vision, culture shocks, offering design, pricing, go-to-market, KPIs etc.


Market analysis, materials, content, target audience, key messages, lead generation etc.


Pitch, onboarding, coaching, training, tools, best practices etc.


Contracts and asset management, processes, journeys, SLAs, data tracking, workflows etc.


Selection, negotiation, coverage, residual value strategy, processes etc.


Financial engineering, EBITDA impact, technological insolvency and performance risk management etc.


Community, suppliers, contracts, workflows, data governance etc.


Market, assets, services, risk mitigation, roadmap etc.

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Create further value

We offer a unique and holistic approach to transform or optimise your traditional transactional linear business model into a Product-As-A-Service one.

With Black Winch, you can quickly and easily offer your products on a subscription basis to your end users, create further value to your shareholders and become more sustainable.

Gain a competitive edge

Having your own in-house Product-As-A-Service solution will give you a competitive edge, allowing for increased customer retention and loyalty.

Our hands-on experts will guide you through our unique tangible and scalable methodology from strategy and funding to sales, marketing and circularity to reach your As-A-Service ambitions.

Unlock new revenue streams

By offering your Product-As-A-Service, you can unlock new revenue streams with recurring rentals and increase your customer stickiness with flexible payment options.

Our experts will ensure that your Product-As-A-Service solutions help you stay tuned to structural market shifts.

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