Creating success

A selection of customers for whom we build or scale their in-house Product-As-A-Service models.

I have known Yann and the Black Winch team for several years and I can verify that they are the true "As-A-Service" experts.

Urban Odelind
CEO, Foxway Finance AB

Black Winch gave great guidance in the initial development of our As-A-Service proposition.

Jeroen Burger

Yann and the Black Winch team are experts in the world of "As-A-Service" and guided us to improve our performance and business model on our IT and Wi-Fi network so we were able to fulfil our mission: give our visitors an unforgettable experience.

Han Mouton
CFO, Johan Cruijff Arena

Phase 1 of our project with Black Winch has given us insights in how we can improve our processes. It will help us be ready for scaling our leasing proposition as soon as possible.

Harm Welleweerd
CEO, iWell

As executives and evangelists, Yann and the Black Winch team have been at the forefront of the As-A-Service industry.
They have a keen understanding of the business model and walk the talk.

Melle Eijckelhoff
CEO, Alex van Groningen, Sijthoff Media
Success stories
''We see Black Winch as an extended part of our team. It's really team work. Black Winch and AVEX together''. Stefan Bekker, CFO AVEX
case studies

This group is one of the world's leading providers of machining centers and processing solutions for Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Mechanical Engineering.


Customer already has a successful leasing solution in place with funding partners, but now wants to disrupt the market with an innovative solution.

Their ambition is to understand the economics of a Pay per Use (PPU) model adapted to its equipment and be able to propose a first Pay per Use offer to its customers.

how black winch helps

Black Winch assists customer in:
- Designing the entire strategy for its new PPU solution (analyse asset and services, assess profitability and usage, investigate data flow and provide strategic recommendations).
- Building a modelling tool for its PPU offer (including 3 levels of flexibility: Fix, Opt-in/out, PPU and their associated revenue, risk and cash impact for each).
- Enabling customer to choose a pilot customer to co-build the new PPU offer.

Sales and Marketing

This customer is one of the world's top IT companies with a presence in more than 160 countries. Customer decided to offer its technology, services and software into leasing in order to cope with the market shifts and tap into circular business models. Customer is facing some challenges to reach the ambition set for this programme. The investments are not in line with the actual outcome.


The customer ambition is to reach sufficient volumes to validate the relevance of its As-A-Service solutions.
Customer is mainly selling through resellers via an indirect sales model. Customer is looking for external sales and marketing support to help its resellers generate more As-A-Service leads.

how black winch helps

Black Winch is assisting customer in generating more leads by offering:
- sales support (providing training, a dedicated As-A-Service Sales Methodology, pricing tools and reward schemes) to incentive resellers, boost confidence and increase As-A-Service revenue
- marketing support (lead generation campaigns, localised marketing materials, success stories etc.) to create buzz and generate more leads.

Back Office

This customer is an American multinational technology company and is the largest technology company by revenue. Their financing division is willing to improve the end of term processes and the associated customer experience in EMEIA. The main ambition is to face the increase number of devices reaching the end of term and therefore to smoothen this major step of the life cycle. The optimization of the Market Value of the devices returned by the customers is also a goal for this programme.


Customer has put in place processes and reward schemes to reach the above ambition. In order to secure the implementation of those processes and to optimize them, customer has decided to get the support of Black Winch

how black winch helps

Black Winch is assisting customer in:
- Analysing the existing End of Term Scheme (existing contracts, local specificities, processes. roles and responsibilities, Residual Value Exceed monitoring etc.) to identify quick wins.
- Optimising End of Term Scheme (ensure information-sharing, improve comms tools, enhance processes, enforce correct use of return procedures, design new templates and workflows etc. in order to improve the market value of the devices returned by the customers).


iwell is a Dutch-based company specialised in innovative Modular Battery Systems for Real Estate Investors, Housing Corporations, SMEs and Industries. Following market demand, iwell created a Leasing solution (Cube-As-A-Service), which is successful but three main concerns were identified.


1. Strong market demand but limited capacity for iwell to finance those projects on its Balance Sheet;
2. Willingness to increase iwell shareholders’ value;
3. Back office processes and legal frame needs optimization.

how black winch helps

Black Winch is reviewing the existing contractual scheme to recruit new funders and deploy new cooperation agreements with less impact on iwell’s balance sheet. This allows iwell to scale its Cube-as-a-service solution rapidly.

Black Winch is also preparing a Funding Communication pack to accelerate the entire process in order to have business funded more efficiently and for iwell to recognise revenue faster.


This customer is a leading independent technology and services provider. Customer already provides device leasing to customers via funding agreements.


Customer aims to improve its device leasing solutions, profitability and competitiveness. Black Winch is assisting customer in understanding relevant IFRS standards principles in relation to Residual Value lessor accounting. The objective is to create and validate a new business model enabling customer to achieve the above aims without weighting its Balance Sheet.

how black winch helps

Black Winch is building a new business model for customer in order to:
- Remove end-of-lease complexity with the Funders (billing, collection and payment transfer timings and processes).
- Invest in Residual Values at customer’s risk without jeopardising the derecognition of the equipment and timing of the Revenue/Margin recognition.
- Recognise End of Lease profitability (currently in the hands of their funders).


MVRO is a retail building consultancy. MVRO’s ambition is to retain the ownership of the equipment needed in a building and/or a retail store : Building As-A-Service or Store As-A-Service.


To reach this ambition, MVRO has asked Black Winch to:
- Assess the eligibility of the solution for a scalable As-A-Service offer
- Deploy an end-to-end As-A-Service solution involving a full ecosystem around the offer to meet retailers and landlords’ complete needs via a unique solution.

how black winch helps

Black Winch is:
1. Validating the eligibility of the assets and services provided by ecosystem (review assets and manufacturers, evaluate MRVO’s and its ecosystem's performance risks, ensure MVRO’s commitments are mirrored with suppliers, check 2nd hand market, propose funding schemes etc.)
2. Build an As-A-Service Model (create roadmap, build value proposition and “Go to market”, create contracts, map funding partners, train sales team etc.) including the entire ecosystem.