Joining forces

Black Winch is the world’s exclusive authority in Product-As-A-Service solutions.
We are on a mission to empower intrapreneurs to achieve their As-A-Service ambitions by building and scaling their in-house recurring models.

We strongly believe that ‘’individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Black Winch is building an ambitious partner ecosystem to create and nurture new opportunities and ultimately set our customers up for greater success.

We are dependable, hands-on and resourceful.

If this resonates with you and you offer complimentary As-A-Service solutions from software and data management to tax and legal services, then let’s talk!

We can collaborate in 3 ways:

Referrals in order to expand reach.
Combining expertise to strengthen customer value proposition.
Partnership marketing to grow brand awareness.


Black Winch has a large qualified customer base of forward-thinking organizations willing to reach their Product-As-A-Service ambitions faster.

By teaming up, you’ll benefit from their excitement around As-A-Service and can have an impact right away with your unique value proposition.

It also means you can expand your reach, strengthen your core offerings and boost profits.

Let's join forces