Black Winch is the world’s exclusive authority in As-A-Service solutions.

20+ years’ industry experience
Experts specialised in As-A-Service challenges and solutions
A proven methodology
A results-driven, hands-on team
$2,8bn revenue of As-A-Service business generated for our customers (2022)
European and North American focus

Black Winch: history of our company name

In sailing terms, a winch is a device used to adjust the tension of the ropes controlling the direction of the boat's sail. The level of force exerted on a boat sail is enormous, often in excess of 2 tons! It is therefore obvious the benefit a winch provides in terms of reducing the required exertion of pressure.

Why a Black Winch though? In theatre, stage transitions are done in the dark by people dressed in black to be invisible from the audience.

In a similar way, Black Winch intends to be the unseen winch that provides maximum leverage of our customer's existing business model without being the focus point.

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