Sophie Féret

Sophie Féret trained as a Chartered Accountant, has been working in the Office Technology sector for over 15 years. As a recognised expert in leasing and financing, she has partnered with mainly independent leasing technology providers and managed international portfolios in more than 20 countries.

In her various roles, she has achieved double-digit growth in the volume financed, up to €1.2 billion per annum, the creation and development of international financing partnerships, in excess of 30, as well as the development of international business by leading specialised task forces in the structuring of large international contracts with multinational companies.

Although she grew up and is based in France, Sophie has almost always worked for international entities. Her roles have always given her the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe and North America. This international aspect has continuously fuelled her passion for intercultural interaction and development. Her adaptability and skills in leading, educating, facilitating, and coordinating multicultural teams have made her a key player in an international business context.

As a leasing and financing expert, Sophie masters a diverse set of skills covering a wide range of key areas. From building partnerships at the grassroots level to managing legal aspects, operations and negotiations, her long-term client focus and skills in managing complex transactions/partnerships have helped her to successfully scale international operations.

Her collaborative work values translate in the fact that she rarely views difficult topics such as tax, legal or financial issues as obstacles. Instead, she facilitates effective communication around these factors to enhance business success.