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Problem: 80% of Product-As-A-Service contracts churn.

Why? Because the refresh process is slow, manual, and disjointed. Imagine if contract ends could be automated, transforming the end of a rental into a fresh start to boost retention.

What if you could effortlessly convert buyers into renters by creating compelling events that incentivize them to refresh their equipment? Great, but easier said than done.


It's 2024. Isn't it time for your sales team to focus on customer relationships rather than managing spreadsheets and emails?

Imagine a world where your customer refresh process is fully automated, generating more business faster
and helping you turn buyers into subscribers


Convert buyers to renters

Recurring revenue, higher margin, shareholder value increase

Facilitate the refresh

Save time (from 2h to 10 min)

Increase the offer quality

By attaching more products and services leading to higher rentals

Upgrade more often

Increase revenue, margin and customer stickiness

Retain customers

Transform the customer experience

In 10 minutes on ComPaaS, I crafted a proposal by leveraging my customer's existing contract and simultaneously creating a new one. Before, I had to spend 1h45 on the AFS portal.

Pro Warehouse Sales Manager
Apple Reseller

It saves a whole lot of time instead of analyzing what device to suggest and doing the calculations in the financing partners system.

Apple Mac Support
Project Manager

The CRM activity based approach makes it easy and reliable to follow up contracts for refresh at the right time instead of keeping track of them manually in Excel lists.

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Head of Sales

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