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Demystifying the As-A-Service economy

As a service is now a buzzword. Everyone talks about it.

It's here to stay and develop even further. The subscription economy market is forecasted to grow from USD 650 bn (2020) to USD 1.5 Tr in 2025.

Switching to leasing or as a service models is complex. Organizations can do it themselves or ask for external support.Some of you may have started but faced a wall and now feel a bit stuck. Or others may have the go ahead from their board to implement As-A-Service, however the execution team doesn't know where to start. This webinar is for both of you.

What are the concrete steps to make it happen? What to do and what to avoid?

Date: 8th June

Time: TBC


- Yann Toutant, CEO and co-founder at Black Winch


Link to register: coming soon

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