Eligibility to As-A-Service

Are you a manufacturer looking to develop your own subscription solution? Take our quick quiz now to find out if you are eligible to Product-As-A-Service!

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What's the average lifespan of your products?

question 2/10

What's the average unit cost of your product?

question 3/10

What industry do you operate in?

question 4/10

What’s your selling model?

question 5/10

Are your products movable?

(e.g. can they be moved from one location to another)
question 6/10

Is there a second hand market for your products?

(e.g. people or companies interested in buying some of your used products)
question 7/10

Why do you want to implement

question 8/10

Which regions do you want to implement As-A-Service in?

question 9/10

What’s your current As-A-Service level within your organisation? 

question 10/10

Which ones of the following areas do you see as top priorities to set your As-A-Service in motion within your organisation? 

Deploying As-A-Service impacts many departments within companies.

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Good news! You are eligible to Product-As-A-Service.

Your devices, industry and go-to-market strategy are a good fit for subscription models. And you've got the right mindset to master your As-A-Service journey.

That’s a great start. 
To make you save time, we offer you the 'top 10 As-A-Service mistakes' report.

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