Reuse Recycle Refurbish Applied to the Electronics Industry

The link between As-A-Service and the circular economy is obvious. Our first white paper: “Connecting the dots” shows that because the As-A-Service model extends the usage time, the pressure of the production processes on the environment is therefore reduced.

In opposition to the linear system, the circular economy is often represented as a loop. The last step becomes a value-adding step; instead of wasting the value of the product by letting the user throw it away, the manufacturer or the integrator can optimize its value.

The “R strategies” are products’ end-of-life solutions. The most famous are: reuse, refurbish and recycle, but there are many others and some are more circular than others. 

Ultimately, circularity should be at the heart of the product development process. This paper is written predominantly from the perspective of manufacturers and/or integrators.

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