Reuse Recycle Refurbish Applied to the Energy Equipment Sector

Within the Circular Economy Journey, it is key to address the Energy sector. 

To reach set goals and become climate neutral by 2050, it is mandatory for Europe and inclined towards this eco-climate consciousness to transition from fossil fuel-based energy to sustainable low-carbon energy sources.

This document aims at focusing on the end of life and R’s journey (among which are the renown “Refurbish - Reuse - Recycle '') applied to renewable energy equipment.

The shift has started and renewable energy sources such as Wind turbines, Solar panels or Batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV) are in high demand. These are but a few examples and other new energy sources might still be left to be discovered and spread on a wider scale. As an example, converting tidal energy through submarine turbines is still at an early development stage but looks like a promising additional solution.

This race towards new energy infrastructure must be done taking into account today and tomorrow’s environmental impacts. This specific equipment is newly deployed and will be widely spread across countries, answering the increasing demand. The waste generated from this new equipment is forecasted to increase considerably within the next 10 years.

Not only will manufacturers have to rethink their financial offer to help new consumers in their Renewable Energy journey, but they also have a responsibility to conceive, deploy, and maintain the equipment in a high efficiency and long life perspective.

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