Reuse Recycle Refurbish Applied to the Robotics Industry

Robots are everywhere, in every industry, for various purposes: they make cars, they assemble smartphones, they paint and they can even recycle our waste. The robotics industry is growing rapidly, in every sector, on an international level.

Whether robots are partially or fully automated, they bring undeniable advantages to industries facing human shortages and in constant research of improved efficiency. 

The pandemic context only accelerated the market demand for robotic assets. 

In line with our white paper series, we propose to enter the vast world of robots to see how  industries, whether large or small, have through As-A-Service found a new financing solution to benefit from this expensive equipment and see return on investment through cost reduction and added value.

Furthermore, we will see how robot manufacturers have had to adjust both their offer and their products to meet this increasing demand whilst keeping in mind the environmental aspect through design thinking and R’s strategies.

The As-A-Service journey offers an economical answer to the large investment issues and can also concretely tackle the first step of a valuable circular economy. Well aware that the Robot development may still raise some controversial debates (political and/or societal), for the purpose of this document the topics we plan to focus on are the economical ones.

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