As-A-Service and circular economy - connecting the dots

This white paper explores the links between the circular economy approach and the As-A-Service (AAS) business model. It first establishes the concept of circular economy and then follows with what the As-A-Service model is. This paper is written predominantly from the perspective of manufacturers and/or integrators.

This is the first of four white papers, the next paper focuses on planned obsolescence, the third tackles the common mistakes made when connecting As-A-Service and circular economy, and the last presents 5 ways to initiate your circular economy contribution with As-A-Service.

Our focus is on:

  • The performance economy approach defined by Walter Stahel to the circular economy and how it relates to the As-A-Service model.
  • The As-A-Service model and the benefits it provides for the manufacturer or the integrator.
  • The As-A-Service model being one doorway to the performance economy and therefore one solution for sustainable development.

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