May 15, 2023

5 Industries That Are Perfect for Product-As-A-Service Business Model

As-A-Service economy

What are the ideal industries for Product-As-A-Service models? Let's take a look:

1. IT:

The lifespan of IT assets is short and the second-hand market is strong. These two elements make it perfectly suited for Product-As-A-Service.

2. Building technology:

Building technology including HVAC, lighting, and security uses sensors collecting millions of data. PaaS needs data to unveil its full potential, so recurring revenue models are ideally suited for this industry.

3. Healthcare:

MedTech suppliers are increasingly renting their equipment to health organisations. Why? Because MedTech is central to hospitals' core business, which is one of the conditions for PaaS. 

4. Robotics:

Since robots are high value, tangible and movable assets that can easily be combined with services. So the robotics industry is perfect for PaaS. 

5. Industrial ‘Machinery & Equipment’:

Industrial manufacturers are shifting their focus from selling physical equipment to services. Product-As-A-Service models allow them to provide outcome-based solutions and to join the circular economy.

Are you operating in one of these industries? Get in touch to see how we helped similar companies master their As-A-Service journey. 

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