April 6, 2023

The social opportunity of As-A-Service


At Black Winch, we specialize in B2B As-A-Service offerings, usually where a product is involved. However, it is important to understand our clients' concerns. So, what does As-A-Service mean in a B2C setting, and to the end-user?

The definition of As-A-Service for the end-user can be explained as “access to a service to fulfill a specific need”. It facilitates access rather than ownership.

As-A-Service is sometimes considered part of the sharing economy, and more specifically a monetized model of the sharing economy. It is a subscription-based model based on recurrent revenues, the provider is not usually an intermediary and gives the solution directly to the user.

For the user, the As-A-Service model offers various benefits:

1. Empowerment of individuals:

Whether it is B2B or B2C, the user can access products that they would not be able to payfull price for.

For example: if it is too expensive to own a car, the user can rent it for a certain period. This also avoids having an unused car in a parking lot, which is expensive and polluting.

2. Freedom of mind:

As-A-Service means that the user will spend less money on what is unnecessary and more money on what he/she enjoys.

For example: with food boxes on a subscription model, the user receives exactly what they need to prepare a meal, this means that there is reduced food waste and therefore less money wasted.

3. Accessing quality products:

By using As-A-Service, the product used will always be in perfect condition to meet theuser's needs. Products must last as long as possible to withstand multiple cycles of use and be economically efficient.

Let's go back to the previous example: an As-A-Service meal provides easier and faster access to healthy meals.

4. Sufficiency:

The user only uses what they need and nothing more, this also teaches resilience which is a key quality not only for individuals, but also for organizations in a world where climate change brings many unforeseen disruptions.

As-A-Service also means more control because as soon as the need ceases to exist, the user can stop the subscription.

In a B2C context, As-A-Service offers many social opportunities to reduce some of theinequalities in access to wealth. Combined with other government regulations and corporate social responsibility activities, As-A-Service is a solution to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

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