May 15, 2023

Understanding the Customer Decision Journey in Product-As-A-Service Models

Customer experience

How do customers choose a PaaS solution over another one or over one off purchases? It all comes down to the customer decision journey

It all starts with awareness: customers need to be aware of the possibility to subscribe to a product instead of buying one.

Then, customers need to be aware of your PaaS via your marketing touchpoints to consider your solution. Fine tune your messaging to inspire them.

In the evaluation stage, think about ways to generate interest and provide reassurance, for example via success stories.

Next is the purchase stage, which of course needs to be seamless. 

It’s crucial to understand the journey doesn’t stop at the post-purchase stage. In a subscription model, you have ongoing customer interactions throughout the contract. 

At the End of Term, customers hand back the products. You need to collect, recycle and wipe them. Ensure your processes are smooth to ensure retention. 

Want to ensure you are not missing anything? Get in touch. We have more than 30 years experience in the As-A-Service journey.

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